Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Tale of Two Squash

When I moved to Boston in 1990, I discovered a whole new world! I loved the street vendors, the subway performers, the ocean, museums, and the farmers market. Although I had grown up right here in the heart of farm country many of the unique heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables were completely unknown to me. I was immediately in love with the unusual colors, the small sizes, and the unbelievable flavors of these new delights. I began on a journey to try everything! I thought I had, and then I went to Drumlin Farm in October of that year. The trees were changing, the air was crisp, the apples were ripe, and there was the most amazing selection of squash. I was already a fan of acorn, butternut, and spaghetti squash, but these were so different. They were small and colorful and the farmer told me to cook them whole, cut them in half and then eat them right out of the shell. I enjoyed them every fall and winter that i lived in New England. When I made the move back to Columbia City imagine my disappointment when there were no more tiny peppers, no more unusually colored tomatoes, and no more Sweet Dumpling and Delicata squash. Organic produce was still largely unheard of in this area. I was in a food depression! Then one day I went to the new Farmers Market that had set up down town. I rounded the corner and to my utter amazement, there was a smiling woman with a table of produce. Not just produce, but Sweet Dumpling and Delicata Squash. That woman was Canda Goldwood and she is still bringing new varieties of organic produce to this area. I have loved to the opportunity to eat her harvest, to work in her fields, and to help her with the member support part of her business. We realized last week that we had not officially said that I was the one writing the blog. Canda is knee deep, literally, in the fields most of the time so the recipes and information were almost impossible for her to keep up with. I love to come up with new ways to eat the things she grows and so it was only natural for me to help her with this part of her business. So rest assured she still gets your comments and questions, and I always double check with her if I answer a question from the Goldwood Gardens facebook page. I hope you enjoy the veggies, and the recipes as much as Canda and I do.Check back later this week for my I'm so Gladd I Met You Muffins!
With Pleasure-Joy

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