Monday, January 21, 2013

That's It!

Do you find yourself looking for the perfect end to a great meal? I do, but often I haven't planned ahead so I don't have enough time or the right ingredients to come up with the sweet something my family (husband) is looking for. This recipe solves that problem! It only uses 3 ingredients!  That's it, only 3 ingredients! Greek Yogurt, frozen berries, honey. I always have all three! You can also change up the fruit depending on your mood. This recipe is so easy to make to suit the amount of servings you need too. Simply use equal amounts of berries and yogurt and use your honey to taste. I used a mix of plain and lemon Chobani Greek yogurt tonight, but you can use any flavor that sounds good to you. Variations of this recipe are all over the place, but I saw it first on the Jamie Oliver website. Just another reason to love Jamie Oliver and Greek yogurt!

That's It Greek Yogurt Ice Cream
2 3/4 cups of  0 % (fat free) Greek Yogurt-I used 1 16 oz. plain and 1 6 oz. lemon
2 3/4 cups of frozen berries-I used the organic berries I froze from Blueberry Ranch this summer
Honey to taste-I used 2 tbsp, use local if possible
Place all ingredients in blender and blend! If you have a Blend-Tec use the ice cream setting. Pour the mixture into a bowl and place in freezer for 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to let set. Eat!!! That's it!

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