Monday, July 8, 2013

Boulder-Style Brunch Burritos

I have been lucky enough to have traveled to some beautiful places already this summer. The Flat Irons right outside of Boulder Colorado were one of my stops. Boulder is known for it's beauty and it's progressive organic food scene. I am told you can accommodate any food restriction or want you have at the town's many unique eateries. I was traveling with six children so stopping in at restaurants wasn't the easiest. Instead I was inspired to create an easy, healthy, beautiful brunch recipe of my own the morning after we visited Boulder.

Boulder Brunch Burritos

These are so easy there is barely need for a recipe! Simply take enough Swiss Chard leaves for the number of burritos you want to make. Tear each side of the leaf from the thick stem. You will end up with 2 small wraps from each leaf. Then scramble eggs your favorite way and wrap in the leaves. I put my salsa on the top of the wrap in this picture, but the first time I used pesto and put it right on top of the eggs. You can use cheese if you want, any other veggies are great mixed with the eggs. Of course as always if you eat meat you could add sausage, bacon, or whatever else you think would mix well with your eggs. My favorite way so far is with kimchi on top of the eggs and then wrapped in the leaves. SO GOOD! This recipe is gluten-free, and paleo, and vegetarian if you want it to be. You can substitute tofu if you need to eliminate the eggs. Enjoy!

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