Tuesday, July 15, 2014

3 Day Pickles

I love that cucumbers show up at just the same time that dill is in full swing. They were meant to be together. If you love dill pickles but have been intimidated by the large batches that call for exact processing times, this recipe was made for you. These can be made by the jar or in larger quantities. Instead of processing in a canner you simply put these in the fridge and wait. Three.Long.Days. The waiting is the hardest part of the recipe for sure.

Three Day Pickles

2 cups of water
1/3 cups white vinegar
1 heaping tablespoon salt, I used Celtic sea salt
1/2 tablespoon of whole allspice if desired
Place all of the above ingredients in a saucepan and heat until salt is dissolved. 
3-5 cucumbers, depending on size, cut into spears or slices
6 cloves of garlic peeled and left whole
4 small onions, or 1/2 of a larger onion sliced
1 bunch of fresh dill

Sweet peppers, hot peppers, or banana peppers can be added if you have them and they are delicious.

Place garlic and onions in bottom of a quart jar and then add cucumbers. Place dill on top. Pour the brine over the top and if it doesn't cover the cucumbers all of the way, add filtered water until it does. That is it. Now the hard part. Place the jars in the fridge and wait. I will confess that I haven't always waited three days. Once I waited only 23 hours. They were still good, but the extra wait time really helps.  If you make more than one jar, the second will be even better if you wait a week or longer.

  In your share you will find some unusual cucumbers and zucchini. Here are some pics to help you not get confused! If you need ideas for the rest of the items in this weeks share don't forget to look at our past recipes.
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